The International supply chain forum (aka iSCLF) is a professional forum dedicated to the sharing of thought leadership and information that will make a real and sustainable difference to the practice and implementation of world class supply chain management in Africa and the emerging world.


Continuously improve the understanding and practice of world class supply chain management practice among professionals working within:-

1. the public sector,
2. the private sector,
3. Government departments
4. Charities and foundations
5. Academic and research communities


1. Facilitate the long term development of human capital involved in supply chain management through information sharing
2. Create an active network among current and aspiring supply chain professionals
3. Highlight the importance of supply chain management in relation to

  • Service delivery
  • Operational performance
  • Local and internal trade.
  • Governance
  • Environmental management
  • Corporate social responsibility

4. Create a dialogue among the professional fraternity
5. Freely share thought leadership information among practitioners and academics
6. Elevate the professional of status supply chain management and contribute to understanding of the strategic importance of supply chain management as profession in the emerging world.
7. Make supply chain management one of the strategic tools adopted by decision makers for long socio economic development in Africa and the emerging world

  • Economic growth
  • Job creation


To achieve our long term vision we shall:-

1. Strive for long term improvements in supply chain human capital development

2. Partner with local and international organizations/businesses with interests in supply chain management

3. Have strict financial governance principles

4. Work with related private and public sector institutions to ensure there is a common agenda for emerging world supply chain improvement

5. Adhere to a strict code of ethics and governance

6. Be socially responsible through targeted supply chain management sponsorships and scholarships

7. Collaboratively

a. co sponsor supply chain management research

b. hold supply chain related events and seminars

8. Partner and/or form alliances with selected universities and institutions

9. Through our virtual network promote subject matter expects and organizations making a real and sustainable difference to supply chain management

10. Hold supply chain related events and seminars


ISCL is governed by it officer and editorial advisory board. The officers and staff are responsible for all matters relating to the forums' conception, technical maintenance, and policies (creation and enforcing).

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